Defying the Odds: When Shondesh Meets Rugelach

People would always ask me what kind of man I was looking for when I was single. What do you want him to look like? What character traits are you seeking in your soulmate? Honestly, I had no intention of settling down any time soon. I think my friends and family were scared that I was so scarred from my past that I would adopt a dog and marry my career. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that but they didn’t want me to choose a life of solitude based on fear of not getting treated right. Forward to November 2018, I never thought that I would be in love with someone the way I have fallen for you. Who knew that a Jewish man standing tall at 5’10” with dirty blonde hair and greenish blue hazel eyes would hold my heart in a way I thought wasn’t possible.

I remember sitting on our first date which I went on to use you as my online dating specimen for my next piece and excited to extract every interaction and fill the pages with content. Obviously, the story I thought I was going to write never happened. Instead I ended up falling for the scientist from Richardson, Texas who never allowed that piece to come alive, not that I’m bitter about it or anything. This is a story I will tell y’all later because today I want to talk about how a Bengali Muslim girl is in a relationship with a Jewish boy.

You’re probably wondering how in the world is that possible? A Muslim with a Jew? To say our journey has been smooth would be like telling you unicorns exist. It’s not only mixing two religions but it’s also incorporating my very vibrant Bengali roots. I always said if I went outside my religion or race they would need to eat dhal bhaat (lentils and rice) with their hands just as I do when I’m sitting at dinner with my family. People think going outside your box means giving up who you are and your culture. That’s not the case at all, instead we immerse our backgrounds with open arms. It’s something we work at all the time from understanding our families to learning new things about our cultures. Our relationship defies all the odds. Two religions known to hate one another coming together for love. The funny thing is I have never felt more accepted for who I am 100% in a relationship as I do with him.

We can’t let the people that promote hate and violence win. With love, compassion and sympathy for one another we can prove them wrong. There are many people that might feel we don’t belong but that doesn’t stop us from building a life together. Don’t let negative articles and voices dictate how you look at someone else or even who you fall in love with.  I hope we can inspire others struggling with different backgrounds and religion to push through to show the world that change is possible.

I know you’re wanting to know more about my new beau but that’s for another time!


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  1. srijan says:

    That’s an intriguing match! I hope it ends well for you! Wishing you the best, beautiful!


    1. Thank you so much and yes we are not your average couple lol!


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