Who Run The World? Women

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants

-Coco Chanel

First and foremost, Happy International Women’s Day to all the goddesses out there! I choose to come into work today because I love what I do and luckily my bosses are women. It is so inspiring to be in an environment where my superiors are empowering women who always motivate me in all aspects in my life.

It’s 2017, and we are still fighting for our rights and our voices to be heard whether it is on a political stand point or even in our own communities. I live in Texas of all places and I struggle with the constant battle of being “accepted” by the Bengali-American community here in Houston. Many people have not quite grasped onto the fact that we are not living in Bangladesh, it is not the 1880’s and no the women should not be given a separate criteria and list of expectations to follow. Why am I expected to look, walk, talk, and be a certain way but the men in this community are not?

I think God has truly blessed me by giving me the mother I have, who in many ways has influenced my personality even though we are nothing alike. Although I was brought up with Bengali traditions and taught the culture she told me to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings. Of course, I will admit that I have been a big influence on my parents to educate them on different careers and push them to see that I can be a strong, successful woman without having to fit the typical Bengali mold of what I should be. The women in my family may not all have college degrees but have always been supportive of my aspirations and goals. I could tell them I want to own the moon and they would reference a successful person who has worked hard towards their dreams and tell me to go for it.

I would like to thank my mother, my aunts and the women in my life for encouraging me to know my worth, for telling me not to wear my skin like an apology, accepting my free-spirited, wildness, teaching me to be giving, to take pride in my unique features, ignore the negative comments, for teaching me beauty goes beyond your physical features and for simply always reminding me that I am beautiful. I am the fierce, loving, confident, positive, intelligent woman because of them and I hope to be that for everyone around me.


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New Hair, Who Dis?

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

-Coco Chanel

Before we talk about my new hair can I just state how Coco Chanel’s words of wisdom always come to play a role in my life? I mean I don’t have coasters of her famous quotes in my office for the excuse of décor.

Anyways let me not get too sidetracked, recently I am going through a lot of changes from my new job to getting rid of the “dead weight” in my life. In some crazy way I felt like my hair was a part of what was holding me down. I’ve been contemplating on chopping my hair off for a while now but I was too afraid to take the risk. Of course I talked to my therapist of 7 years who I trust blindly, I mean hair stylist, Misty (I will put her contact link below). As usual, she encouraged me to go for it not because she got scissor happy but honestly she knows me better than some of my closest friends. She is not only up to date with everything in my life but I have to give her 0 direction and she just knows where to go depending on what I am feeling. She literally is an angel from hairstylist heaven.

When I left 8 inches of hair on the salon floor, I felt so much happier, lighter. Metaphorically, it was the beginning of my new life. I liked my long hair, but I love the short stuff. It’s fun. It’s different. It’s the new me.

There is a lot of fear involved in changing looks. We get comfortable and set with our image and depending on where you are in life can greatly impact this. Don’t be afraid. Be bold and take that leap whether it’s to cut an inch off or cut the parasites in your life.

For anyone in Houston/Sugar Land who is looking for a fab stylist book your next appointment with Misty Sanchez at styleseat.com/i/mistysanchez  

She will save your life; I know she has been saving mine for 7 years.


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Who Am I? Well that’s a loaded question


My name is Momotaz Rahman but everyone calls me Mow, which in Bengali means honey. Before we dive in, let’s breakdown why I choose to brand myself  “The Bengali Belle.” I was born in Bangladesh, wet my feet in New York City, raised in Richardson, Texas and cultivated in Houston, Texas. I like to call myself an endangered species because how many Bengali, southern belles that grew up in Texas with a southern twang do you know?

Aside from my Bengali parental units, I have 3 brothers and two little twin sisters so you can say I grew up in a big clan whom I cannot live a day without. There’s family you are born with and then there are those you choose and they will make their guest appearances in my blog as well.

When the sun is out, I’m the Marketing Coordinator at a Healthcare company. I am also the free-spirited, wanderlust, Aquarius, publicist, event coordinator, blogger, stylist, yogi, foodie, family oriented, opinionated, caffeine and brunch addict with a hint of tom boy tendencies like my love for DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) in your life. Honestly, I am a true Aquarian with interests and likes all over the board. So this blog will be full of surprises!

My reason to blog is to inspire and entertain all you overworked corporate goddesses/budding entrepreneurs/wild-hearted women and of course men who share my love for all the things I’ve listed above and more.


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