Who Am I? Well that’s a loaded question


My name is Momotaz Rahman but everyone calls me Mow, which in Bengali means honey. Before we dive in, let’s breakdown why I choose to brand myself  “The Bengali Belle.” I was born in Bangladesh, wet my feet in New York City, raised in Richardson, Texas and cultivated in Houston, Texas. I like to call myself an endangered species because how many Bengali, southern belles that grew up in Texas with a southern twang do you know?

Aside from my Bengali parental units, I have 3 brothers and two little twin sisters so you can say I grew up in a big clan whom I cannot live a day without. There’s family you are born with and then there are those you choose and they will make their guest appearances in my blog as well.

When the sun is out, I’m the Marketing Coordinator at a Healthcare company. I am also the free-spirited, wanderlust, Aquarius, publicist, event coordinator, blogger, stylist, yogi, foodie, family oriented, opinionated, caffeine and brunch addict with a hint of tom boy tendencies like my love for DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) in your life. Honestly, I am a true Aquarian with interests and likes all over the board. So this blog will be full of surprises!

My reason to blog is to inspire and entertain all you overworked corporate goddesses/budding entrepreneurs/wild-hearted women and of course men who share my love for all the things I’ve listed above and more.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    I love you


    1. You have a piece of my heart always


  2. ohmyitshamna says:

    This is great!


    1. Thank you love ❤


  3. Anjoe says:

    Aww, I love this! I’ve been contemplating a blog or vlog myself, but haven’t got around to it! I’m loving this and look forward to reading more. It’s like, a magazine, but more personal 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! So it took me awhile to finally start the blog and I honestly wasn’t sure how or where to start but you just gotta put your mind to it and start. Thank you! glad you liked it!


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