This is 30

Hi Everyone, About a week ago, I turned the big 3-0. Super odd as it felt like yesterday that I was navigating towards my 20s with love, heartbreaks, lessons I would never imagined I learned, memories I have etched in my heart and most important of all, getting to know/love myself better. 20s they sayContinue reading “This is 30”

Instagram Disabled: How to Get It Back

Hi Everyone, I know I’ve taken quite a hiatus but always back with waves, at least I like to think so. Let’s get to it. Last Saturday, May 1st I was getting ready for Julep’s Derby Party and I grab my phone to check Instagram and it says my account is disabled. Mind you, myContinue reading “Instagram Disabled: How to Get It Back”

Set Sail

In the middle of the abyss, I couldn’t help but wonder was it smart to put all my hope in one boat? I’m not sure what brought it on, the boat drifting in the middle of the ocean or the fact that we were letting the wind take us where it pleases. Was this aContinue reading “Set Sail”

Ex and the City

Hello Lovelies, I know I’ve taken quite a hiatus as my closed chapter with Mr.Big has pushed me to fly to California and keep my social life more busy than usual. I’ve even stepped out of my usual comfort zone to just truly live. It’s the first day of fall in Houston and it wasContinue reading “Ex and the City”

The Mostest: OnlyFans Explained

Onlyfans Explained If you’ve ever been curious about OnlyFans, now’s the chance to get the skinny. KJ and I get a chance to talk with an OnlyFans model. Follow our guest: Micaiah Addilee! Instagram – sassyspaghettiiSnapchat – micaiahaddileeOnlyfans – prettyprettyprincessTwitter – prttyxprincess Reach out to Mow and KJ at our email if you have questions orContinue reading “The Mostest: OnlyFans Explained”

Eat Pray Love

In 2018 on New Years Eve I was getting ready to go out with my friends to a ballroom party filled with the River Oaks socialites. Entering 2019, I knew I needed to work on myself. I was fresh out of a break up. It was like I was learning to walk again entering theContinue reading “Eat Pray Love”

Old Friend

Hello Old Friend It seems that you’ve chosen to visit me once again, more frequently than ever before. I wish I could go back to the days where I didn’t know you. At least the days where you were a stranger even though we ran into each other many days, months and years. At leastContinue reading “Old Friend”

Going the Distance

There are so many articles, podcasts, movies and books about  how difficult long distance relationships can be but I didn’t pay attention to any of that when Mr. Big came into my life. It wasn’t your love at first sight or the instant ramen noodle relationship.  Big was charming in his own way. In theContinue reading “Going the Distance”