Instagram Disabled: How to Get It Back

Hi Everyone,

I know I’ve taken quite a hiatus but always back with waves, at least I like to think so. Let’s get to it. Last Saturday, May 1st I was getting ready for Julep’s Derby Party and I grab my phone to check Instagram and it says my account is disabled. Mind you, my Instagram is pretty kosher and the last thing I posted was my niece so I was shocked that this happened. I spent the next hour or two researching and either I was a part of some bug that disabled thousands accounts that weekend (according to Twitter) or someone just hates me. I’m going to hope it’s just a bug.

So you don’t have to spend your morning freaking out, I can tell you what to do so you can get your account back.

First, when you try to log in they should send you a code on your phone to appeal the decision. Here is the link that worked for me. I also watched Annabelle the PhD Student’s YouTube video. Do NOT pay anyone, those are scammers.

Link to Get Out of Instagram Disabled Jail

You should then receive an email from Facebook that requests you take a photo with you holding a a handwritten sign with the code in the email, your name and Instagram handle. It’s important that they see both hands in the photo, not sure why that’s required.

Tuesday morning on May 4th, I received an email from Facebook asking me to make sure I’m logged off of Instagram on both mobile and desktop. I then followed a link provided in the same email and had to reset my password.

I know I’ve been lucky as I’ve seen other people have to deal with this inconvenience for weeks. I will say the most devastating feeling was realizing I lost all my memories and surprisingly not so addicted to it as much as I thought I would be. Also, Instagram is the WORST platform to get ahold of which is why the Facebook link worked for me. It was so frustrating because I tried using the links Instagram asks you to use but then when I would put in my username it would say “user does not exist”

If you have any questions feel free to email me or DM on Instagram since I’m no longer disabled.

Love Always Even When I’m Disabled on Instagram,

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