Set Sail

In the middle of the abyss, I couldn’t help but wonder was it smart to put all my hope in one boat? I’m not sure what brought it on, the boat drifting in the middle of the ocean or the fact that we were letting the wind take us where it pleases. Was this a metaphor of my life? Was I supposed to let the Captain take control and handle the direction of where I was going?

Anytime I find myself in a pool of questions with no life raft, the universe seems to whisper my thoughts to every wave passing by. I had a billion scenarios in my head but there was only one that mattered. Was I happy? Happiness is such an allurement to distract you from any logical thought process. Just think of all the times we did something with the rationalization that it partakes in our form of “Happy”.

Am I happy? Of course. Was I scared that I may drown without a life jacket? 100%. But I can’t live my life in fear of one of my many scenarios coming on shore nor could I get off his boat wondering for the rest of my days if it was the one to take me home.

Sometimes we just have to set sail and trust that we’ll move with the currents as the sunset welcomes us home at dock.

Love From An Ocean Away,

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