Adventure of a Lifetime

So my week started out by me getting sick, fun I know. I think it’s God’s way of telling me to slow the heck down and relax. My weekend however, was very eventful. The funny thing is Saturday night I was sitting in my PJ’s and all I had planned was to watch La La Land but a good friend of mine invited me to Chapman & Kirby’s The Fool’s Ball. The event was a private sneak preview of this super chic industrial style GastroLounge and Premium Event space. As soon as I walked in, I fell in love. The venue was huge and the décor was very different. I even got to enjoy the beautiful weather by stepping out to the outdoor patio area. I can definitely see this place being one of the top places to be and be seen in Houston. Oh, and don’t forget the perfect picture taking spot under a sign that says “Houston, this city is mine.” The private party alone brought a great crowd and all I could think was I would’ve been in pj’s missing out on all this.

I definitely love my weekends especially when I attend cool events like this but that’s not what I live for. There’s so many memes, captions, and people in general waiting for it to be Friday when it’s barely Tuesday. I don’t live for weekends, or Fridays, or holidays. How can you truly live your life when you’re letting most of it pass by you? I treat my life and everything I do like an adventure even if that means going to Commonbond alone to drink a latte and read a book.

People always ask me how I manage to always keep busy and attend all these fun events. Well, I don’t wait for someone to hand me my plans. I joined Tidbits and I put the effort to look around for what is going on in Houston.  While at these events, I make connections with those who think similar to me and I get invited to other events because I always appreciate an invitation and show up with a world full of energy.

So stop waiting for Friday, for the summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for the person you like to text you back and for life in general. We can only achieve our happiness by making the most of the moment we are in instead of waiting for some miracle to happen. Go out, make a change, smile more, be excited and treat every day like it’s the best adventure of your life.


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