Chicks Dig Cars Too

You know being blonde is fun and different. It did not change my life drastically as many people assume but a negative thing that comes with it is people assume I’m a bimbo. I’m pretty sure looking at me you wouldn’t guess that I’m a total nerd and I love books and I admire intellectuals. Last night at the Helfman Alfa Giulia Launch Event as I strolled in my royal blue pant suit, I’m sure everyone assumed I was just another woman there to attend a social event much less admire the cars.

As someone who grew up with brothers and a father who loves cars I’ve gained knowledge and interest beyond just recognizing brands. No, I do not look at a Mercedes and not know the difference between a CLA and an E Class. Yes, I understand what AMG means. Over the years, I have really got to know the different vehicles, parts, body styles, wraps, and etc. I’ve developed an appreciation beyond “I like Mercedes.”

Unfortunately due to transit issues the 2018 Giulia sport sedan did not make it in time for the event but that doesn’t mean I didn’t take the opportunity to admire the beauty around me. I personally love the detail even down the stitching that this brand incorporates into their beauties.

Although I don’t claim to be an expert, I love learning about cars and educating myself beyond brand recognition. I like knowing that the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia has 505 horse power with a V6 engine and delivers a satisfying growl (which is why I love cars so much) and 3.8 second 0-60 m.p.h. Yeah, I bet you didn’t think that was going to roll off my tongue, or err page.

I ended my night with having dinner for charity at State Fare which by the way is so amazing. I love the details in their decor and the vibes which there is a sign in the front when you walk in that says “Good Vibes Only, Please.” The dinner was to support Dining Out for Life which is an annual dining fundraising event that raises money for AIDS service organizations across the country. This is another reason why I love Houston. I went from a luxury car revealing event to a charity dinner.

So when you see me at the Lamborghini Festival in October, don’t assume I’m just there to flip my blonde hair and look pretty but come up to me and admire the beauty of cars with me.


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