Promises To Keep

Counting down the days to the New Year and everyone is scrambling about what to do, how to act and this long awkward moment before 2018 knocks at our door. So whether you are in search of the perfect outfit for that perfect Instagram shot with your new boo thang or you’re reflecting on this past year, we all come to the point where we begin our resolutions. What’s the big hoopla over New Year resolutions anyways?  New Year resolutions are kind of like that bad relationship/shitty ex that we keep promising will work out but in the end it’s always a disappointment. So maybe like we do in bad relationships we should stop trying to achieve unrealistic goals.

If you’re anything like I am, you have mixed feelings about New Year Resolutions. It seems almost natural to make important changes, set goals and reflect on what we want to do different compared to the past year. It’s also silly for me to expect to look like Adriana Lima with the appetite of Dak Prescott. So, I’m going to keep my list minimal yet colorful just like Gianni Versace’s Spring collection in 1996.

  1. Live My Best Life (like I did in 2017)
    Now, you’re probably thinking how is that even a resolution? Well it’s general and it is something that I’ve been doing and have discovered this year so I know with no doubt 2018 will be even better. Living my best life means anything from traveling more to simply making sure I spend a dedicated amount of time each week to the people I love most in this world. Oh and if I want to treat myself, I will. Of course please don’t use this as an excuse to quit your job with no plan. It just simply means to do what makes you happy and love this wonderful life we live.
  2. Practice Gratitude, Kindness & Positivity
    No, I did not read that off my yoga mat or ask my yoga instructor to repeat that so I can use it in this blog. Like the first one this is something I promised myself I would do more of in 2017 and I think it’s something I need to work on. We make ourselves miserable comparing each other whether it’s friends, enemies or famous Instagram celebrities. I always tell people you never know what kind of lives people live behind closed doors. So instead of being my typical self and complaining about everything, my goal is to be positive. As soon as I learn to be more grateful and keep a sunny outlook on everything it just won’t be my year but my whole life can change for the better. With that also comes kindness. Even if it’s saying thank you to your server for refilling your drink or complimenting a random stranger. It also means to not take advantage of the people we love the most and to watch our temper with them.
  3. Always Have Me Time & Self-Love
    Something I always tell people is I make it a thing to do something for myself at least every day if not every other day. You’re probably thinking “well that’s selfish” and guess what? It is and you should be because if you’re not happy with yourself then you will make everyone else around you miserable. Sometimes that just means working out, reading a book before I go to bed or getting my nails done once a week. Whatever it is we must always put aside things we love to do and things that brings us happiness. It doesn’t have to hurt anyone it just means you’re taking care of you and that should always be priority. As long as you’re not hurting others or being destructive, “me time” is very necessary for your sanity.
  4. Declutter
    2017 was the year that I began this and my life changed so much after. What do I mean by declutter? Well it’s not just a once a year spring cleaning. It’s always making sure you don’t keep things around that are taking up space in a bad way whether it’s your life or your room. Think about this year or your life at this moment. Is there anyone you wish you could cut off or has become toxic? Clutter is never a good thing. It crowds your mind and living space. Just as our rooms, our lives sometimes get filled with that too. Cut off people that are not good for you, good to you and all the negativity. That boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/lover you keep hanging on to that’s dragging you down slowly? Throw that person out of your life! That deranged denim you bought on the sake of “trend” please for the love of God make sure it stays in 2017. Basically throw the bad shit out of your life so there is always space for the good or new.

Realize that this is your life and if you don’t live it others will live it for you. Leave behind all the doubt, fear, negativity and absurd expectations. Set a reasonable goal that you know you can work hard and achieve it. You might think my goals are so broad and general that I’m aiming low but my goals go beyond just losing ten pounds. I want to make changes to my life that will brighten my outlook and make me a better person. These are goals I know I will excel at.  There is so much to them that is listed and that’s the beauty of it. Each goal can be crafted to the individual reading it.

So good luck and I hope this coming year is better for you than the last, I know mine will be.


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