Look of Wonder

I wish I could see myself the way you spend moments looking at me. The way your eyes gaze over my every movement as I get ready as if you’ve never seen this dance before. “I love watching your process,” you gently whispered in the hollow of my neck before putting on the Tiffany’s necklace you bought me for my birthday. I’ve never seen anyone so enticed by another person before. It’s like your eyes sparkle as I ponder on what color to paint my lips that you’ll soon take. The chuckles that arise as I prance around trying to decide what dress to adorn myself with. I go from a fresh face out the shower to your date by the end of it and that look of wonder never leaves your face.

I bet every movie director wishes for an audience like you. It’s quite flattering really. Even when you’re not around I can feel your eyes on my every movement. Your comments about every thing I choose to paint my face with. Always ending with your devotion to my beauty.

Now that you’re no longer here, and I spend countless nights getting ready without you. I look in the mirror and wish to see myself the way I appeared in front of you.

Always in Wonder,

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Published by The Bengali Belle

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