Not My Cup Of Coffee

Growing up I’ve always found that I don’t quite fit a mold or clique. My interests are all over the board and I’ve always enjoyed the company of people from all walks of life. I honestly think it brings new perspectives, opinions, and hobbies and helps you understand how different each of our lives are. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of it like this. Being a woman, I’ve experienced being disliked for no reason at all by other women.  It’s been something I cannot grasp onto at all. How can you not like someone for no reason at all and without getting to know them?

From an early age I’ve accepted that I won’t always be liked. People are intimidated by those who are different and simply don’t care for other’s opinion. People who truly love their inner being regardless what the world wants to say. That’s something I’ve realized not everyone knows how to react to so they’ll try to label you as “weird” or “damaged”. Everyone vibes with people differently and my aura might not be fitting for some and guess what? That’s okay with me. I am simply not their cup of coffee and they are not mine. Why am I using coffee instead of tea? Well because I am a coffee addict and it makes more sense to me than using tea.

The world is filled with people that no matter how hard you try will simply not like you. It is also filled with those that love you so fiercely and absolutely adore who you are. “Your People” are those who love you and are accepting of you. Don’t waste your precious time and heart trying to convince closed off people a validation of your worth. It’ll go over their head.  Isn’t it funny that when it comes to materialistic things was seek options like different colors, styles, texture, etc. but why is it when it comes to each other we don’t have the same expectations. They don’t want what you’re selling and you can’t convince them to buy into who you are. You are wasting your time, energy, emotions and health trying to convince them to walk this life with you.

So instead of building anger and stress share your journey with those who recognize and appreciate your soul. You are not everyone’s cup of coffee and guess what? That is OKAY.


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