Haathi Cloth: Changing The World One Kurta At A Time

As I get dressed every morning I can’t decide which part of my closet to choose my clothes from, summer or winter? You’re probably thinking hello, we are in the middle of a desert also known as a regular Texas summer but in my office it feels as if I’m standing in the middle of Winterfell. As I look over I see a whole side of my closet dedicated and ornate with traditional attire. Just looking at them is making feel like a chicken roasting in the oven. Unfortunately, many of these outfits are going to pulled out as wedding season is here. I know everyone coos and awws at the beautiful intricate outfits South Asians wear to weddings, but have you experienced wearing them in Texas? Actually I’m being a drama queen; women’s clothing isn’t too bad. We have skirts and flowy attire, which lets the air breathe through me, but still hot. I can only imagine the pain the men go through. The fabric is made in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan, but it is not summer friendly. Don’t ask me why, I’ve tried to figure out myself.

I’ve seen male family members slowly melting in the scorching summer sun and having to smile at the photographers as they ask themselves what sins they committed to be punished like this. So why hasn’t anyone thought of outfits for our dashing, handsome men attending South Asian weddings? Well, actually someone did.

When people prepare for weddings outfits for family, friends, groomsmen (since the men usually couldn’t care less) our first thought is to go back home, online or any South-Asian store. No matter where we go all of the options are made from the same stiff, nonbreathable material that nobody can wash or dry-clean. What if I told you there’s an option for comfortable, breathable kurtas that are still fashionable? No, I have not lost my mind. In fact for the first time on my blog, I’d like to introduce my male following to Haathi Cloth.

Haathi Cloth kurtas are made from the most insanely luxurious, super soft, high quality technical fabric that is breathable, super comfortable and machine washable. Instead of embroidery, the designs for the collar and front are screen printed using a custom, specially formulated metallic ink that both stretches with the cloth and is machine washable. Go ahead and pinch yourself because you are not dreaming and I did just tell you that you can look like a total stud without compromising comfort. To make your day even better, as if I haven’t already, the kurtas and pyjama pants are tagless and have pockets. Haathi Cloth was started because someone decided to question the uncomfortable attire we have been adorning for years like the elder in your family your parents tell you to deal with due to traditions and culture. The people of Haathi Cloth decided to gift the men of this world with something stylish, breathable, fitting (yup no more safety pins, etc) and even convenient. Did I mention this means you don’t have to always buy a new kurta and you can actually re-use it for dinner parties, Eid, etc?

Okay before y’all bombard me, see the information below to contact them for any questions, orders, comments and praises.

You may contact them  via the Preorder  page or at sales@haathicloth.com to find out more.

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