To: My Best Friend By Blood & Choice

It was a nice breezy September morning in 1997 as the wind hit my face to welcome me to my first day of Kindergarten. Daddy was holding my hand as he walked me trying to make me feel better about the first day I would be away from him and mom for the entire day. As we were walking he said he had good news for me, I hoped it was a new doll but instead I was apparently getting a real life one. I was going to have a little brother, therefore my title from only daughter, second child was changing to big sister. I was so excited! I mean the list of games already started in my head from hide-n-seek to duck-duck-goose. I remember when you were born, everything was so chaotic. Mom and dad were running around trying to make sure everything was so perfect for you. Suddenly the center of attention went from me to this stupid new crying baby. What was so special about him that everyone that came to visit and even my own parents decide to neglect me for this glob of a little human? So the beginning of our brother-sister relationship turned friendship began.

I can’t believe you went from being that annoying, terrorizing child that tore the heads of my Barbie dolls while I was at school to this very mature adult at the mere age of 21. It’s crazy how much you have grown. As you get older, I am shocked but proud of the maturity you hold  in your 5’10” structure. As days go by you continue to grow, ask questions and educate yourself without losing your child-like spirit. Our stupid inside jokes and calling each other names continue but this time without me slapping pizza on your face. I’m beyond proud of the man you’ve become whether it’s how great of a brother you are, to the responsible, loving son to even the greatest boyfriend to Nora. Although you are lost as to where your future path should lead you, know that you are one of the most ambitious, headstrong 21 year olds this world has ever seen. This is not just something your big sister tells you but every single person that we know that has touched your soul has told me so. I just smile and tell them it’s because I’ve helped raise you as your second mom.

I want you to know that I’m always going to be your second mom. I’ll always freak out when you don’t pick up and don’t tell me where you are. I know you have mom and yes, I’m just your sister but that won’t stop me. You can always count on me for advice, hugs and a lot of I-told-you-sos. Luckily I don’t have to feel uncomfortable with you bringing home a girl I think doesn’t live up to how great of a man you’ve become because Nora is just as sweet. I love that because you respect the women in your household and hold her up to the same pedestal.

Today marks 21 years of your life on earth and I couldn’t have imagined 21 years of the 26 of mine without you. Our bond is tied by blood and holds the test of time. We may grow old over the years but in my heart our relationship is timeless. We know each other as we always were, with the secrets, mistakes, private family jokes, feuds, grief and joys. We are not just best friends because of blood but by choice as well. You are one of the greatest gifts I have every received from Mom and Dad. I feel bad for people who don’t know what it’s like when your family becomes your friends. As you start growing more and discovering the sharp but wonderful path of life know that you will never have to face a problem alone.

I am beyond lucky to have someone like you as my brother. Someone who has seen me in different places in my life and never hesitated to lend me a hand even in my darkest corners. Don’t think about what you’ve accomplished so far and what you have to do in the future but look at yourself from my eyes and you’ll see you’ve already become one of the most beautiful souls this world has ever come across. Have a great birthday and I will be here today, tomorrow and the for the rest of eternity to tell you what to do..haha Oh btw, I love you!!


Your Big Sister

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