You Call Me, Beautiful

There he was just a feet away looking at me as if his eyes had never roamed every inch of my face. I thought the whole world could crumble around us before he blinked, afraid he’d miss another minute to just look at me. As he grabbed by hands and gently kissed them, he whispered just loud enough for me to hear but softly so we could remain in this world we created, “you are a very beautiful woman, you know that?” I looked at him and wondered what to say back but the words hid from my lips. He didn’t know what his words did to me, or maybe he did. How telling me all the things you said were flaws were things that awed him, made me different. I didn’t question what this meant whether our journey would takes us months or weeks or end abruptly. I shut my brain off and for once in my life felt. I just wanted to soak in this magic he created from his fascination with me. Beautiful, he kept saying as if it was my name.


FullSizeRender (2)

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