55FB374E-3E7D-461E-86C9-0CCBB8CB6FD1.jpegPeople always ask me, “Where do you love to be the most?” I instantly reply, there’s so many places and moments. My answer isn’t what they expect. It’s not the enchantment in New York amongst the sea of people. It’s not the sun sets in Orange County or the dry beauty of Scottsdale. It’s not even in lost between the clouds and mountains in Colorado. No, my favorite place is Mondays at the dinner table with my family eating my mom’s traditional Bengali dishes. It’s being amongst the laughter and giggles of my friends. And it’s the space I created here looking out to the peaceful wildness of this city. No matter where I go, my home is always the place I feel the most joy.

I hope you guys find yours whether in a city, person or the most rational place of them all, in yourself.



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